Eyes on Syria

Amnesty International's Eyes on Syria project needs you

It is not enough to document the abuses suffered by so many in Syria. The Eyes on Syria project must also demonstrate to decision-makers that concerned people around the globe are taking action in solidarity with the people of Syria.

This project needs you. Share with us information about your activities—send your photos or video and a brief description of how you're responding to the abuses in Syria—and we may feature your material on the "International Solidarity" layer of the Eyes on Syria site.

To submit your activism materials, send to: eyesonsyria@amnesty.org . Please include location and date.

Other Information

If you have additional information about the individual cases that are included on the Eyes on Syria map and in Amnesty International's report Deadly Detention, please send that information to: eyesonsyria@amnesty.org .

Our human rights monitors appreciate any and all information; however, because of the volume of efforts around ongoing research, we cannot guarantee a response to your individual message, nor guarantee the inclusion of any submitted information in Amnesty International reporting.